You are thinking about collaborating? That is so exciting! There are a few ways that you can collaborate.


All stories for the Chippewa Universe are canon only if they are included in the main Chippewa GitHub Repository. This repository allows me to store my stories in a safe, public repository while also allowing anybody to keep track of all the changes that Chippewa stories have gone through since its creation.

If you want to make comments or suggestions on stories, then I recommend creating an issue on GitHub. This is the easiest way to get my attention about any mistakes in grammar, bad translations, spelling, inconsistencies, etc. in Chippewa Stories.

More advanced users of GitHub can also fork their own Chippewa Repositories and create Pull Requests. This is especially useful for submitting your own stories, submitting corrections, and collaborating on changes in the repository. If I like your pull request or have any comments, we can use GitHub to work together to incorporate it into the official canon. This also builds in a way to credit you for the stories in the official repository. And once your story has been accepted into the main repository, I will add it to the site, crediting you as the author.

WordPress Comments and Accounts

The easiest way to comment on Chippewa Stories is to simply leave a comment under the story you are reading. I will attempt to be vigilant about approving comments, but give me up to 3 business days to approve your comments. If I end up receiving a significant amount of comments (lofty hopes), then I will change the system so that comments don’t have to be approved by me. I would instead use spam detecting software.

For those of you who become consistent and trusted collaborators, I may consider making a user account for you on the Chippewa website. This would allow you to create an curate your own collection of Chippewa stories as you wish. If things go beyond my wildest dreams, people will write better stories than me using the rules of the universe I’ve created.


Ninbiigoshkaa means “I am broke”. While I live a comfortable life, any monetary contributions will help me keep the site up, and give me more free time to work on this passion project. If you are enjoying the stories and want to contribute monetarily to help with these costs, feel free to contribute to my PayPal money pool.


Any stories, comments, suggestions, changes, and other contributions that you submit, and are accepted will be treated as open-source contributions to the stories of the Chippewa Universe.

  • My work is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International, which basically means that you can use my work to create stories, but you are not allowed to make money off of it. You must also share your own work under the same license.
  • I will, however, still retain all rights (including ultimate commercial, intellectual, and creative rights) to the canon Chippewa Universe, characters and stories created by me that you use for creating your own stories.
  • Any unique stories and characters that you build within my Universe will be open-source, though I may use them for commercial purposes in the future.