The Chippewa Universe is a fictional world drawing inspiration from Indigenous culture, history, perspectives and lifeways. All stories take place in the Chippewa universe with the same set of rules. Below is a description of what the folders in this repository contain.

First People

The translation of Anishinaabe is First People, and as such, I thought it would be a good title for the first people that interested readers will meet. It is a short, one page introduction to the universe found on the front page of the website. Needs to be exciting, while introducing some of the themes of the world. Not sure if it should take place in the past or the modern day.

Chippewa Universe

Contains descriptions of the rules, characters, places, main events, and timelines taking place within the Chippewa Universe. The real sources, events, and people will also be contained in this folder.

Old Woman from the East

Spring, birth. Super way back in the past. My attempt at writing a story from a woman’s perspective. May be a monumental failure, but the goal is not to end up on r/menwritingwomen.

Southern Cedar

Youth, not knowing anything, getting lost, spiritual guidance. Historical Times. Broken treaties and whatnot

Western Door

Becoming an adult. Finding death. Present day

Northern Wind

Anishinaabe story taking place in the deep past. Rest both during life and death. A time to contemplate. A place of wisdom where elders can share what they’ve learned