My name is Zach Francis, and I am the creator of this site. I am an avid fan of popular movies, awesome shows, and good books like Game of Thrones, Dune, and Star Trek. These well-written, morally complex worlds inspired me to begin trying to build an equally complex world based on my own beliefs and experiences. As an archaeologist and Saginaw Chippewa Indian tribal member, I want characters, settings, and events to inspired by North American Indigenous habitus, and history. And, that’s the main guiding principle in this whole thing.

As I write this, everything is still in its conceptual stages, so there is a lot of world-building to do. A lot of unknowns. The one thing I am sure of, is that there are two different stories I want to focus on taking place in the same world. One takes place in the deep past before history, before colonization. The other one tells the story of modern indigenous people.

As a graduate student, I am used to writing words, but I have no training or experience creating and writing fictional worlds. So any collaboration, however small or big, would mean the world. Feel free to create an account so that you can leave comments with any critiques, suggestions, or anything else you would like to say. You can also contact me using the contact page.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Gigawabamin menawah!